Puffing Billy Locomotive

Harrye Frowen's live steam scale model
for 7¼" Gauge

Gears      Fabrication March 2012    Fabrication July 2012 
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Boiler Parts ready for assembly

This site is dedicated to the 7¼" Gauge Scale Model being fabricated by Harrye Frowen

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October 2020 the (almost completed) Locomotive

March 2020 progress

Puffing Billy running on Air Video

Puffing Billy is an early railway steam locomotive, constructed in 1813-1814 by engineer William Hedley, enginewright Jonathan Forster and blacksmith Timothy Hackworth for Christopher Blackett, the owner of Wylam Colliery near Newcastle upon Tyne, in the United Kingdom. It is the world's oldest surviving steam locomotive. It was the first commercial adhesion steam locomotive, employed to haul coal chaldron wagons from the mine at Wylam to the docks at Lemington-on-Tyne in Northumberland.

Puffing Billy incorporated a number of novel features, patented by Hedley, which were to prove important to the development of locomotives. Piston rods extended upwards to pivoting beams, connected in turn by rods to a crankshaft beneath the frames, from which gears drove and also coupled the wheels allowing better traction.

Boiler parts ready for assembly

Fabrication November 2012

Fabrication July 2012

 Fabrication March 2012


Thanks to David Potter for the disc containing the full size drawings that he produced of Puffing Billy at the Science Museum, London. They are produced to a very high standard and without his assistance this project would not have been possible.

Thanks also to John Corkett for his assistance in the production of the small parts produced by CNC and his boiler drawings produced with his expert knowledge in the use of Corel Draw

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